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Do you wake up feeling happy, refreshed, full of energy and ready to start the day?

When we Feng Shui our space our goal is to create a balanced environment that will give us place to feel nurtured and allow positive energy to surround us, but we can’t stop there. Our environment can’t do it all for us! We also need to create a healthy plan for our bodies in order to fully appreciate the beautiful environment we have created for ourselves.

The first step is of course creating that balanced environment that promotes vitality and good health, including the following key points:
1. Heavens Heart is Clear!
The centre of your home is very important it sets the tone for how “healthy” the heart of your home will be. Keep it clutter free and incredibly clean.

The Centre of your body is equally as important! Your heart & lungs are crucial to your overall health. Keep your heart and lungs in shape by regular exercise that encourages movement. Just like keeping your home centre clutter free – keep your body centre clutter free! Avoid filling your centre with smoke and fatty foods that act as clutter to your body, clogging your space and blocking energy flow.

2. On a Clear Day!
Is the air quality of your home conducive to your health? You need to regularly open windows and allow fresh air to enter. Use air purifying plants, or air filters in your furnace to ensure toxins are taken out of the air. Utilize oils and other pure scents that will help to energize your sprit.

What about your body? Are you giving it the fresh air it needs? Most of us spend our day moving from our homes to our cars and into our offices and back? Take some time to “open your body’s windows”. Take a brisk walk, walk to the corner store and allow your lungs and your entire body to breathe in fresh air the way nature intended its energy to flow through us!
3. Good Night, Good Day!
A well designed bed room can help you achieve a good nights rest. Equally as important for the body to move is for the body to rest fully. Ensure your bedroom is conducive to a good nights rest. Remove anything unsettling like TVs, stereos, computers or electrical appliances. Position your bed in one of your best directions and ensure that you are surrounded by nurturing colours and fabrics.

A healthy body is one that is fully rested, it is important that you get enough rest in order for your body to be able to move the way you want it to during the day!
4. Do I really have to?
One of the key practices we try to install in our clients is that clutter clearing is an ongoing process. The hardest work is done in the first clean up, after that regular maintenance by creating clean new habits is what keeps the positive energy flowing through your home. If you just do it once and never again then the clutter and negative energy will come back quickly.

The same is true with your body. In order to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle it is a never ending process. You must allow your body to get regular exercise, healthy food and fresh air. What you do is up to you!  Whether its swimming with your children at the beach, playing baseball, taking your dog for a walk or practicing tai chi in your garden – it doesn’t matter.

Their is a saying in Feng Shui “Move your stuff, change your life”  equally as important is “Move your body, change your life” – start to move energy throughout your body on a regular basis and you will notice significant changes in your life.

Now is the perfect time to start – no matter your age!  What’s holding you back?  The sunshine is calling you!

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Angel • 05/09/2010

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