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Your Subconscious Mind Is Responsible For Your Level Of Manifestation Success

The subconscious mind is the largest and most important part of your mind. The subconscious mind determines your habits, beliefs , the ideas you have, your level of motivation, confidence as well as your focus, attention and everything else. Essentially, the subconscious mind influences everything in your life.

The secret is this: For you to manifest what you want, you need to re-organise your subconscious mind so that it helps you achieve your goals, rather than harming it. If you have any stumbling block in your life, such as a lack of belief, motivation, focus or anything else, the subconscious mind is the reason why. The subconscious mind has simply been programmed the wrong way and is executing these harmful “programs” so that you continue to mess up over and over and don’t realise why.

You see, your subconscious mind will simply execute the programs it has learned from your experiences in life, both good and bad. Unless these programs are changed and re-organised so that they help you achieve your goals, it will be difficult to manifest. This brings us very nicely to the second point.


You Must Continually Re-Program And Re-Organise Your Subconscious Mind On A Daily Basis

You must always be re-programming your subconscious mind, so that new, empowering mindsets can take form. This is the only way to remove any stumbling blocks you have about success and manifestation.

If you don’t continually strive to improve your mindset and re-organise your subconscious mind, then the negative influences of the society around you will program it in a negative way for you. And the negative mindset which will form from this, will only mean negative manifestation.

Here is the lesson you need to learn: Taking charge of your subconscious mind and actively programming what you want into it, is the only way to stop negative manifestation, and the only way to create consistent positive manifestations in your life.

So how do we program the mind? This brings us very nicely to the final point:

You Must Learn To Control The Mind

If you have no control of your car, you aren’t going to get very far along the road. Similarly, if you don’t have strong control of your mind, you aren’t going to get very far in manifesting. Increasing your degree of control over your own mind gives you the chance to re-program the subconscious mind correctly so that it is always helping you to manifest, instead of stopping it.

Without having a strong control over your own mind, NO manifestation will happen. This is a Law Of Mind, yet virtually nobody knows this. The mind is the most important factor in manifesting, and it must be kept in a strong, controlled state for manifestation to happen.

Here are some tips to increase your degree of control over your own mind, to create a stronger mind for manifestation:

1. Learn to live in the moment

Momentary living re-wires the subconscious mind by only considering the present. The past can no longer affect you with its limiting beliefs, and the fantasising of the future is non-existent. This means change in your life is very quick because the mind is re-wired for success at its quickest rate in the present moment.

2. Stop your wandering thoughts

Thoughts which are random and unrelated to what you are doing are called wandering thoughts. Wandering thoughts means you are not in control of your mind. As you begin to stop wandering thoughts and stay focused on your present task instead, your mind will become more disciplined. You will increase focus and manifestation considerably with this.

3. Do one thing at a time

Doing two things means a split, unfocused mind. By doing one thing at a time, you harness the focus of your mind and the degree of control over it.

4. Repeat positive, empowering suggestions

Slight differences are all that’s needed to create huge changes in your life. This concept is called the Butterfly Effect. By repeating empowering suggestions on a daily basis, you are continually re-programming the subconscious mind which will lead to huge changes over time. You will also develop positive habits and mindsets for manifestation.

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Angel • 29/07/2010

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